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ASHVILLE to NASHVILLE 2003 Road trip


Photo Lon Diamond / Nikon D1X

Postcard perfect, the Biltmore Estate, is the largest private residence in America. Located in Western North Carolina, what an amazing place. We got to ride in the elevator Peter Sellers was in for the movie  Being There. It was the scene where having never been in an elevator before he asks"will we be in this room very long ?"

After paying what seemed an excessive and exorbitant entrance fee it became obvious that no pictures were allowed inside so we only shot the exterior, garden , and at one point this mountain vista from a balcony .

Some cross-eye viewable stereograms taken with the Nikon D1x in 3D.





We drove up to Mount Piscah for the sunset over the Smokeys .

On the road again ....Click to continue to Waynesville and Nashville