Between Hard Rock and 

In the early seventies I started shooting for print as a photojournalist. One of the publications I worked for was called the Daily Planet.. no really! I was chief photographer and our images were syndicated through the Liberation News Service, a sort of Associated Press wire service, for the then plentiful "underground" newspapers. 

During that time Annie Liebovitz was the Chief Photographer and Photo Editor for Rolling Stone Magazine. She saw some of my images which had been sent by the L.N.S. and subsequently published in The Berkley Barb. Annie called me up and asked me to shoot the Republican and Democratic Conventions in 1972 for Rolling Stone. I was assigned to 2 writers, one was Timothy Ferris the other was Hunter Thomson. That was interesting to put it mildly!

I was privileged to meet and photograph many of the newsmaker/chart breaker types of that era. Click on Dr. Leary to see a few snap shots from those bell bottomed days, and a few more recent ones as well.

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